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Every school offers numerous athletic opportunities for our students. If you are new to middle school athletics you can check your student's school website or contact the school's Athletic Coordinator for more information. Our District Athletics are broken into 3 Conferences: 1A, 2A, And NVMLC.

DVUSD 7/8 Athletics              Vision

“Athletic Culture”
Deer Valley Unified School District Athletic Community will strive to continually
improve school culture focusing on character, personnel, facilities and climate.

Interscholastic competition in Deer Valley exists for many reasons. They complement
opportunities to enhance the total educational experience of the student. They assist the
student in developing skills and leadership while promoting social interactions in a safe
and positive environment. They provide wholesome entertainment for the entire
community while developing a sense of pride for everyone connected to the program.
The district has developed a coaching certification program, required for all 7-12 coaches
and volunteers, which uses the “Fundamentals of Coaching” curriculum.
The Arizona Interscholastic Association (AIA) and Deer Valley Unified School District
(DVUSD) are supporting a philosophy of “Pursuing Victory with Honor.” Good
sportsmanship is viewed as a commitment to fair play, ethical behavior and integrity. All
stake holders will demonstrate the following virtues:
• Trustworthiness
• Respect
• Responsibility
• Fairness
• Caring
• Citizenship

DVUSD provides both AIA sanctioned sports as well as club sports. Our list of offered sports is below. Club sports are non-cut and, in some instances, also offers opportunities for our 5th and 6th grade students, you will need to check with your individual campus for these options.

           7/8 Eligibility

In accordance with the State of Arizona’s regulations and Deer Valley’s Governing Board Policy, only those students deemed academically eligible may participate in extra or co-curricular activities. Athletic Eligibility will be determined every week by the Administration and Athletic Coordinator starting the first Monday after the week of tryouts. If a student-athlete is failing a class (Minimum of 1 F), they will be put on a pending academic list for one week. During this pending period, the student-athlete will still be considered on the team and allowed to participate. If a pending student-athlete is still failing a class (Minimum of 1 F) the following week, the student-athlete will be put on an ineligible list for one week. During this ineligible period the student-athlete will still be considered on the team, allowed to practice, but not allowed to participate in games or travel with the team to away contests. If the student-athlete has a combination of three occurrences during a season (Pending or Ineligible), then they will be dismissed from the team. This will be considered the three strike rule. If a student-athlete is put on the academic pending list, a letter will be sent home with the student-athlete. If a student-athlete reaches the level of strike two (a combination of pending or ineligible), the coach should make direct contact with the parent/guardian to inform them of their student’s academic eligibility status.
Grade checks will be run by Administration and/or the Athletic Coordinator using power schools every Monday morning and the pending/ineligible time period will be Monday-Saturday. Grades are considered for all classes with no exceptions, and it is not looked at on a class to class basis. In the case of a teacher error, then that situation will be dealt with on an individual basis.
Students assigned to OCR/ISS or students who are suspended from school may not participate in any team practices/games from the time of their assignment to OCR/ISS or home suspension until the day following their last day of assignment to OCR/ISS or home suspension. It is the responsibility of the coach to assure that no students assigned to on campus suspension or home suspension be allowed to participate. 
Students and parents should be aware that if the student is medically excused from participating in regular physical education classes, they could be ineligible for participation in school athletic programs as stated on the medical excuse from the parent or doctor.

All students are eligible the 1st Monday after the last day of a quarter. Grade checks will not be concluded until the 3rd week of a new quarter.